New Story is Up at Flash Fiction Online

Won’t lie, publication days are awesome. Technically, “Listen and You’ll Hear Us Speak” went live yesterday, but I was too brain fried last night to be trusted with stringing words together into coherent sentences. So here we are.

This very short story was an experiment to see if I could weave two parallel story lines with two separate points of view into a cohesive whole in a thousand words. I think it worked.

The song that was on repeat while I was writing/revising this story was “My Medea” by Vienna Teng.

Hope you enjoy!

One thought on “New Story is Up at Flash Fiction Online

  1. Rick

    Fantastic story. Mr. Greenblatt I came across your work in The Years Best Science Fiction & Fantasy. I found A Non-hero’s guide to the road of monsters a great and memorable read. I am sad to see you hAve no novels for purchase on Amazon. I hope soon you will write a novel in the future. Thank you for the stories. I am a new fan of yours.

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