The Voice in the Your Head

So I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus. I offer no excuses, just stating the facts, though I do feel guilty that I ignored the little voice in my head that said “update you blog” for so long. Good thing it was persistent.

Though I’ve taken a break from writing posts, I have, in fact, still been writing. In the last couple of months I’ve been trying lots of different story telling methods, using narrative voices I’ve never used before. It’s been fun, but most of the stories have failed. Miserably too.

But since January I’ve had a goal. I got the idea from Gay Degani’s post– 100 rejections this year. I like this goal because it’s forcing me to sent out submissions and not care so much about the response. It suddenly makes both acceptances and rejections are beneficial, for one goal or another.

The realist in me knows that the final numbers at the end of the year will be about 50 rejections. But that will be double the amount of submissions I sent out last year, which is a victory in itself right?

Anyway here’s a little micro-story for your reading pleasure:

My books like to talk. Nonfiction gives facts and fiction uses them to create something more. The library grows richer with each conversation.

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