Remember Me?

Ok, I admit it, I fell off the face of the planet. This blog has been sadly neglected for months. I have no excuse, except maybe artistic frustration? Words are fickle things. Character are moody and plot lines don’t always follow through.
Oh, and there was long and wonderful vacation was thrown in the mix as well. So really things are not that bad.

But that’s neither here nor there, the important point here is that I’m back. And I’ve been writing with a vengeance. Been productive too. Sent out some stories to some unsuspecting editors and now, I’m sitting, waiting, with my fingers crossed. With a pen in hand of course.

So with any luck, I’ll have some good news to report soon and a story to give as an apology for my absence. In the meantime, I leave you with this little Twitter fiction story:

In his world, little boys could fly. There, no one could catch him, stop him. Adults were grounded and even Superman feared his name.

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