An End to the Rant?

So I think I’m going to start a micro-series exclusively for this blog. By that I mean small pieces of fiction focused around one character and his/her story. I could certainly continue writing rants for posts, but quite frankly there’s a 1,000,000+ blogs doing the same thing and personally, I’m more drawn to stories than to personal essays. If nothing else, it would be a fun exercise for me. I’ve never written anything but stand-alone short stories. The goal of this series would be to post a new ‘chapter’ every week or so. But don’t worry, for those of you who are absolutely crushed that I won’t be focusing on rambling anymore, there’ll still be a few rants thrown in every once in awhile. My characters are not the only ones with opinions you know. Though, truthfully, their viewpoints are usually much more entertaining.

First post will be up in the next few days. Stay tuned…

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