The First Post on a New Blog

It’s kind of like the first page in a brand new notebook or the first few steps on newly fallen snow. Except it’s not as romantic because if I don’t like what I write here, I can just edit it or delete it. And no one would ever know.

But seriously, I have some goals for this blog. First, it would be a public place where I could have a list with links to my published works. As much as I like Twitter, it’s not the best place to direct people for this sort of thing. Second, it would be a place to write about what I’m learning about writing (and engineering too). It could also host the prattlings and adventures of a whimsical character that’s bound to have more to say more often then I do. Third, it would be another means of communication to readers and hopefully a gateway for new ones.

Since I am quite new to this, suggestions and tips would be helpful. Useful feedback is always welcomed here.

And you’ve made it to the end of my first blog post. Congratulations! Check back soon for the latest informations and the most up-to-date rambles.


About A. T. Greenblatt

A.T. Greenblatt is a mechanical engineer by day and a writer by night. She lives in Philadelphia where she's well acquainted with all four seasons and is known to frequently subject her friends to various cooking and home brewing experiments. She is a graduate of Viable Paradise XVI and her work is forthcoming or has appeared in Uncanny, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and Fireside, as well as fine other online journals. You can also find her on Twitter at @AtGreenblatt
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One Response to The First Post on a New Blog

  1. sheli says:

    CONGRATULATION!!! Good Luck!
    Looking forward to your witty writings

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